Our Values

At Allegra, our values ​​lie in quality, sustainability and transparency. We are firmly committed to providing premium products while minimizing our environmental footprint. Each ingredient we use comes entirely from France, which promotes the short circuit and supports the local economy. Transparency is an essential pillar of Allegra, so that our consumers have complete confidence in our products and their origin. 🇫🇷🇪🇺

The engagements

At Allegra, our commitment is to the creation of French natural cosmetics. Each active ingredient is carefully chosen to obtain specific results, while avoiding the use of endocrine disruptors and toxic ingredients, both for the skin and for health and the environment. 🌱

Transparency and ethics are at the heart of our approach. We only work with suppliers who share the same ethical and environmental standards as ours. We are committed to contributing to a cause that is dear to us: protecting our planet. This is why, we support the association "Réseau Biodiversité pour les Abeilles (RBA)", which works to safeguard and protect bees. 🐝

At Allegra, we are proud to support an approach to cosmetics that combines efficiency, safety and kindness towards our planet and all its occupants. 🌎

The Founder

After completing her secondary education, Allegra chose to pursue studies in chemistry, because even then she dreamed of creating her own brand of cosmetic products. However, at the time of her doctoral specialization, the opportunities were different and she moved towards a career that left no room for her first idea, until the day she decided to embark on the adventure! ✨

As a chemist by profession and a beekeeper by passion, she uses her know-how and all her knowledge in the design of unique, respectful cosmetic products faithful to her vision of responsible and caring beauty. ☀️

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